need a prepaid credit card?

So ... the costs: 69 euro to get started + 20 euro per year + 2 euro transfer costs. (first time its 90 euro total).
You can do it without any financial check. 

some limitations:  you can add only 1000 euro in total per year. (beware: after initial payment you can add only 900 euro to the card. 
Upgrading that limit is possible  for free to 15k per year when you add personal verification (passport, drivers license).

Everyone can add money to it.

i think that is a security measure so people can't hide large amounts of money from taxes.
You can also use bitcoin to top up the card. To withdraw money is also possible (takes 1-3 days)

i havent used the card yet, so be carefull (as always).
As far as i know there are no transaction costs. (which is a huge pro with  small payments, but only 900 dollar is not that much.)
you can also add up to 3 partner cards (friends, family... etc.)